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Some governments, schools, and businesses try to block websites in order to reduce distractions, conserve bandwidth, or censor content. If you want to circumvent such limitations--and you're willing to assume any attendant risks--you can enlist the aid of the following tools. Each one will help you mask your online identity and sidestep restrictions.

Here I am showing you some smarter way to open/unblock "blocked website" in your country , school ,college or any place where you want . Just follow the below procedure..

Method 1 :- Use IP Address instead of URL

you can use IP Address Instead of URL because when the administrators blocked the sites, they generally blocked the URL of that site but if you enter the IP address of that site then you can easily Visit that site. Do you want to know how to get IP address of any site? You can easily find IP Address from this link

Method 2 :- Bypass Blocked sites by using Proxy Sites

you can also use proxy sites to bypass blocked sites. The Proxy sites are generally connected to a proxy server, and sends you to the Desired Blocked websites. There are Several Proxy sites which can used to bypass blocked sites of College, office, etc.

Best Proxy Sites 2015 (3 days trial) (14 days free trial)

Method 3 :- Use Browser Extensions

Here is the list of browser extension which help you to unblock your block sites
5 Unblock Youku For Chrome & Firefox

 Method 4 :- Using HTTPS Connection

You can also use HTTPS connection. You just have to change “HTTP to HTTPS” of any site URL to open the Blocked Sites

Method 5 :- Using VPN Softwares

You can download any VPN software such as ProxyXPN, Tunnel, etc. to open Blocked sites. Some of them are paid softwares but you can also download free VPN softwares here you can check few  
1) ProxyXPN 
2) Tunngle 
3)  Zpn 
4)  Hotspotshield
5)  Vpnshield
6)  Ultrasurf

Method 6 :- Using Browser
This is the easiest way to access blocked sites. Just download this software . And instead of using Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, start using this browser to easily access blocked sites.


This is an online tool which stores the cache of websites and helps to Open blocked sites. You have to do that just open this online tool and enter the desired URL of your site and click on Take me Back. It will redirect to your desired site. Check Here

Method 8 :- Portable browser

Just download a Portable Browser and copy in your Pen-drive and then insert in the pc. Use the browser from Pendrive to open blocked sites. check below list  (Trial  version )
1) Surfeasy
2) OpenVPN Portable 
3) Portable VPN  
4) VPN Reactor
5) TorGurad 

I Hope any of  these  method  will  work  for  you  . After  this if you will  face  any problem  or  if  you  want  to give any  suggestion  most  welcome  in  comment  .


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  1. i use Unblock-Youtube it's fast , looks good on mobiles and you candownload videos from youtube , vimeo etc..


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