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Posted By: Unknown - 5/06/2016 11:36:00 am
Interested to know who visited your Facebook profile?
You must have often wondered how many people view your profile or saw your latest pictures you were flaunting on Facebook!

Well! Get a straight cut answer to your question in these simple steps:

Procedure to Find Who Visited Your Profile the Most:
  1. Go to your facebook Timeline
  2. Right click on then click on ‘View Page source’ or you can simply press CTRL+U to view the page source.
  3. Now you will see the coding. Press CTRF+F and find “InitialChatFriendsList” (without quotes)
  4. Now you will see a lot of profile of ID’s who has visited your facebook account. like 10003213654856 etc.
  5. Copy any one of them and open a new tab and type ID you have copied) and hit enter.
  6. Example: and hit enter. Then you will see the name of the friend.
  7. The first person on the list has visited your profile many more times and last person whose profile ID is in the last has visited your profile of the minimum number of times.
  8. Enjoy!
This is the so simple procedure to do! If you find any difficulty to do this, you can comment below freely or you can contact us.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Be careful to use unauthorized apps on Facebook because they may steal your personal information so use this method easily to find who visited your profile simply and easily. 

Who Visited Your Facebook Profile Tutorial Watch On YouTube


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