Universal Adobe Patcher 2.0 [New]

Posted By: Admin - 8/26/2017 10:39:00 pm
Universal Adobe Patcher - a small utility, which you will forget about the difficulties with the activation of virtually all existing products Adobe. Adobe software is an essential set of tools for designers, photographers and all other people who need to deal with sound and video processing and with the other digital content. 

What's new in Universal Adobe Patcher 2.0 

-> Completed the code refactoring
-> Removed all deprecated patterns
-> Jump to version!
-> Added new patterns
-> Added function for removing digital cert
-> Fixed check PE
-> Changed the file extension from .BAK to .DEL
-> Updated app list [2016]


Step 1: Install Adobe Creative Cloud
Step 2: Make an account or log in
Step 3: Download the program(s) that you want (Don't open them or click "Start Trial")
Step 4: Open the file called: "adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe"
Step 5: Run the patch, select the required software from the list according to the installed version and apply the patch.                          
Step 6: Wait some time until it says "---PATCHING DONE---
Step 7: You can close the tool and open the Adobe program!

IF the tool says: "Not found!"
Locate the .dll file in the installation path of your Adobe program that you downloaded! Then click "Open" and it is going to patch

Download links

Adobe CC 2017 Products Trial (Direct Download Links)

***Note-Before click download button open this below link and don't close then click on Download  Now otherwise above download link not work. click here


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